by Dobrosphera

Funds: we can help you to increase donations

One of the main parts of any non-profit is to raise funds for its great projects. It's doable in different ways, but one of the most effective is to explain to your followers what you do and for what purpose you need money. We solve this problem effectively by doing nice and fun fiction cartoons which attract the attention of your supporters.

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We can provide a campaign for calling in donors

creating and showing a cartoon about your mission.

The cartoon will be like these ones:

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Implementation stages:

We develop individual Technical Assignment

We do not use templates, but conduct analytics based on the needs of your company and when everything is good, make an agreement.

Full circle

media production

We do media production. All specialists have certification in their professions.

Promote with top sustainable video-bloggers

After finishing the cartoon, top sustainability bloggers will promote your campaign, so you rise your supporters and financial support.

Why us?

Payment in parts, report after each stage. Zoom calls by your request.

We do technical assignment according to cultural marketing research.

We can still correct the production in progress according to your preferences.

We promote a cartoon on several platforms simultaneously.

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